A Welcome from Our Minister, Feargus O'Connor

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website!

My name is Feargus and I have been minister at Golders Green Unitarians (known as GGU) since 2001. Born into a Roman Catholic family, I became a Unitarian at the age of 18 because I felt Unitarianism was the only religious movement which allowed people to explore their spiritual values without insisting they hold a fixed set of beliefs.

At GGU we are a liberal community of spiritual explorers and seekers bound together by shared principles. We honour the inherent dignity and worth of all creation and wish to promote compassion in our relations with our fellow humans and animals. If you are turned off by organised religion but are still searching for somewhere to share and explore your questions about the mysteries of life, then why not visit GGU?

In 1926, GGU was the first London Unitarian church to appoint a woman minister. We have been at the forefront of progressive causes such as gay equality since the 1970s. In recent years I have led an annual World Congress of Faiths interfaith celebration of animals.

We value compassion in our human relationships and in the world around us. We explore and test our own individual beliefs within a supportive community.

As one member has put it:

"I don't expect to find all the answers, any more than Harry Potter, but, like Hogwarts, GGU could provide an environment in which to explore and grow."

Please do visit us at 31½ Hoop Lane.


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